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January 2024 Bible Conference

A two-day conference focused on the contrast between Free Grace & Arminian Theology
See the live-streamed sessions on youtube, Links below.

Session 3: Shawn Lazar

 “What Eternally Secure People Can Lose Short of Salvation.”

Session 4: Dix Winston
"2 Peter 1:1-11"

Session 5:
Pastor David Evangelista

"Prevenient Grace: John 6:44"

Session 6: Brian Tidd

 “The Big Bang of Faith: Romans 8.”

Session 7: Shawn Lazar
“How Distinguishing Between Law and Gospel Helps
Clear Up Problem Passages About Salvation.”

Session 8: James Evangelista
“Christian Liberty & Assurance of Salvation: Galatians 5.”

Session 9: Lucas Kitchen  "Don’t Fight ABOUT Theology...
Fight FOR people"

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